Lining Up Like Dominoes

DominoesWe are over here lining up like a bunch of dominoes for the LORD to say go.

It is really interesting, as I take a look not at the next two months, but really take a look at what is happening daily right now.  Whether planned by us or not, we are having “meetings” with people.  We are taking care of stuff that needs to be taken care of–whether it be getting rid of furniture or homeschool supplies or starting Noah and Kylie with a local orthodontist or getting things fixed around the house.  It is really interesting to me.

For what I see, as I take a step back to look at the picture, is we are saying goodbye here and preparing ourselves for there.

We have no interview or job, yet.  But everything else is lining up.

And someday soon, I believe God is going to suddenly say GO.  He will hit the beginning domino and we will all begin the process of actually moving.

This is short today. But I just wanted to share these words to you on your journey today…

Things may look out of order in your life.  That’s okay. God is a God of timing and order.  His order.  No one gets to say how you ought to do it.  God knows better than any man.

Take a step back today–give it 14 minutes (shout out to all those doing Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe study with me!).  Look at what’s been happening and not happening today.  That picture alone may give you a vision of how to pray and what’s to come.

Prayer is the key!  It helps us to align with His purposes, as well, so we “fall” well.

Don’t get caught up in looking to the future.  Live in the now–with open eyes to see and notice and care.  It matters.  And YOU, my friends….YOU make a difference.

With Love,




celebrateYesterday I was watching a video about Ben, who finds out he got a job.  And OH the way he celebrated.  It makes you laugh and cry all at the same time.

It got me to thinking…we need to practice our celebrating.

Sometimes, I think we are WAY more about the final outcome, checking off a list to get there, than we are about celebrating along the way.

So today?  I wanted to share that we have had two wonderful beautiful miracles happen…they aren’t the end of the journey, no.  But they are manna for the day.  And rather than grumble about the journey being long and the process uncertain, I’d much rather celebrate God’s provision for the day.

First, tomorrow we are getting carpet!  It is amazing and wonderful and beautiful.  The provision in this is HUGE, and it is a reminder that God invites us to journey with people.  It is an honor to do so.


And second, we CAN buy a house after this one sells.  The lender has confirmed it.

BLESS the LORD! Redeemed how I love to proclaim it!

That’s all for today…take a page out of Ben’s playbook, and even if it feels forced at first, practice your celebrating. There are a thousand reasons to do so today.



Three Things

This morning, I awoke early…I’ve been scoring essays again, so I begin early to get my time in every day.  Most days I spend time in my Bible after I get home from the morning school drop off. And today, I felt God invite me to come away and spend time with Him in one of my favorite prayer places. (Honestly, our home is starting to be so much of just a house with all the work we are doing and boxes packed, so it is nice to come away for a bit.)

Here it is!  This is how my time began…

Three things

The funny thing about it is that this mulch is from people’s Christmas trees–my Chris called them the ghosts of Christmas past.  And they are.  They still smell very piney–fragrant memories.  But it was really too cold to leave my window down for more than a few minutes to snap a couple of pictures.

So I came here with my Bible.  I asked people on Instagram and Facebook, if they needed prayer.  And what I often do is read aloud and sing aloud.  Today I sang this (I LOVE choir!).  Then I check in for people’s requests, in between reading my Bible.  And I pray, as God leads me.  I try to let them know I prayed.  I always do, but sometimes my phone misbehaves (types every word I write twice, which is very annoying), so I skip the typing of it.

Today, as I met with the Lord, He showed me THREE things.  I will share them quickly, because I have much work to do today.

First, this verse from Isaiah:

“Then the Lord will create over the whole site of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, and smoke and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory there will be a canopy. There will be a booth for shade by day from the heat, and for a refuge and a shelter from the storm and rain.” Isaiah 4:5-6 ESV

The Lord told me that He has been our canopy and booth here in Colorado. I cried tears of thanks and remembrance–for there have been some storms.  And He has been our sure shelter!  I would not be here without Jesus.  I just wouldn’t. He makes me bold, stout-hearted and gives me courage.  He gives me a sound mind.  I can never thank Him enough.  He is such a good Father to me.

Second, I saw a bird watching me from a wire.  He sat there for quite awhile, while I prayed.  Then he did something so “other”.  He flew upward and the wind was blowing strongly.  And he flew into the wind, staying in one place.  Why?  Well, because he could, of course!  But also, in his ability, this bird learned that he could fly against the wind and he could make progress against it.  Or he could fly into the wind and be completely still.  He was able.  And he delightfully chose to enjoy the process of getting stronger today for a full minute–flapping his wings and staying in one place.  Then he flew past that point and went on about his day.  It was a little something extra for my time today.  Make of it what you will.

Finally, and this part is so powerful that I am verklempt just thinking about it, I was gathering my things to go.  And I was just about to start the car.

I heard the Lord say (in my spirit),”Wait.”

So I spoke aloud, “Lord, I am listening.”

Then He spoke into my spirit again, “Look as far as you can see.”  Now the clouds had descended over the Front Range.

So I looked as far as I was able (picture below).

Then the Lord spoke (again in my spirit), “I can see beyond this.  TRUST ME.”

I responded aloud, “Lord, I trust you.”






I believeWe stand at the ready, prepared for stepping out into an unknown future.  In fact, if we were betting people, you might call our future a long-shot. For it is.  We have made plans and built steps around three pictures. And it would seem crazy to anyone, who doesn’t follow Christ. But we do.

We took those three pictures and prayed over them for months.  And over time, God has convinced every single member of our household that we are to move. Some of the loss that they have incurred has been hard, and yet they believe enough to go forward with us–without a fight.

So this next couple of weeks, we are doing the final touches to stage our home for sale. It goes on the market on April 20th.

We do not have a job there, yet.

Yes, you heard me right.  And all your what if questions will be given this answer: I don’t know, but I believe that God will provide at just the right time.  I believe He’s got this. In fact, we all believe it so much we are putting our house on the market.

And let me make something abundantly clear, we are giving up what we own for something we may never own.

You see, back in 2007, we had some huge financial hits that included a job loss, the housing market turning our house upside down (it isn’t now) and some promised royalties that never happened.  We “rowed” for the next year a a half and realized, with much horror and sadness, that we had no other alternative, but to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We had Christian counselling and a godly man, who walked with us through the whole, awful ordeal. So the bankruptcy ran from March 2009-2012.  We have spent three years since rebuilding so much that crumbled under our feet.

But the Rock was at the bottom.

We hit rock-bottom, and there was Jesus.  He raised our down-turned heads.  He lifted them and blessed us.  He removed the shame of it. He told us to keep going with His blessing.

And even though Jesus did indeed meet us there (and used many to help us on the way), we have come face-to-face with some unfinished business of it lately.  The past two weeks, we have tried to get financing for air conditioning and carpet for our house.  We were turned down flat.  This was odd to us, because we were able to finance a vehicle back in November AND our credit ratings are now both back in the normal/good range.

So Chris pulled our credit reports.  And sure enough, there were some errors on them, saying we owed more than we do, but NOT saying that we were late or in default on that.  So we are working on Monday to send proof to these reporting agencies that it was taken care of.  It can take up to thirty days to get fixed.  All the while, we wait to do these two things (which we’d like to do) for our home to sell at a better price. Truthfully, it felt like a gut punch.

But on Friday, I came to a peace about it.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, that is fine.  God started this journey.  And God will lead us gently on…because He is FOR us. He will cause us to get just what we need for the next step of the journey.

The most wonderful part about the light shed on the errors is this, we hopefully will qualify to buy a home in Texas.  That is my hope and prayer.

But even if…even if we cannot buy a home, I will trust God.

We stand positioned.  We stand ready.  Without a job. Maybe without the ability to buy carpet, A/C or a house.

But we are just convinced that Jesus will do just as He said.

He’s good that way.



On BE-ing, Crisis of Faith and a Journey Unfolding

Get back to the first word you heard from the Lord, and follow it.

That has been my mind’s cry to my spirit lately. We are “all in” in this journey and with that comes challenges. And boy do we have some challenges! In the midst of those challenges, we rest on an unwavering God, who hasn’t changed His mind about us.  He loves us…plain and simple.  And as a Good Shepherd, He is leading us. We know that we know that we know His voice.  And He is bending low to feed us–to gently guide us on toward the next destination.

All this, I know and believe.  And yet upon our first big bump in the journey last Friday, I caved.  “Lord, did you really say this?  Why are we doing this?? It would be safer to stay here. What if… what if…. what if…? Can I just say never mind?”

I’m so glad I have taken Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God and facilitated it over the years.  I know that there is a God-sized task before us.  I understand that there will be a crisis of belief–a place where we question it all. And in that place, I know to be very quiet and to pray.  I know that in that place I must choose joy.  So I have been wrestling it with the Lord.  And I’ve been pretty quiet.  There have been plenty of tears (all kinds of tears–sad, concerned, anxious and even happy ones)…and lots of prayers.

Crisis of FaithBut each and every day, I have continued to do the things required to ready our house for sale.  My actions spoke louder than my doubts!  Then yesterday we hit a similar big bump, and this time?  This time I was disappointed, but not overcome with fear or anxiety.

The fact is IF God is calling us to move to College Station and follow Him there, then HE will make a way there.  It’s not in our hands to do anything more or less than what is before us. We do have some hurdles–some that we will have to go into the muck and mire to deal with, I’m certain, but some will be ones that He removes or gives us a leg up over them.

The whole process is the journey.  God is building into us the tools and understanding that we will need for the place we are going.

So we submit.

We believe.

We go forward.

We lay aside doubt and pick up faith.

We will do the hard work.  The Lord prompted a word in my heart once that I want to share here and now: Sometimes God’s provision looks like hard work.  Work that we do, getting dirty and sore in the process.  It just does.

And in the midst of the hard work, which it is and it will be, of moving, I will spend a lot of time just BE-ing.

10954976_677040742418261_2070281484_nBE is the word the Lord pressed upon my heart at IF:Gathering.  You see I grew up with a great understanding of hard work and my work ethic is strong.  But it can come at the expense of resting in the Presence of God and just BE-ing.

So I stopped doing web design–I think it is for good to make room for the new that God is doing in my life.  I’m assisting Sheila part-time and doing a little more work the Lord has provided, which we are sowing into this journey.  And I have made room for all the things required to ready our home for sale–and be present with my children and husband.

Sometimes in my time of just BE-ing, I have gone to pray for others and my family. Sometimes I have rested in the sun–thinking about nothing but the warmth of the sun.  And sometimes I have taken a lot of tangled yarn, untangled it and rewound it.  There is something about the process of unwinding the tangles that remind me of life.

11008218_406936872800270_313620018_nAnd right now?  Well right now, we are untangling 10 years of living in this home.  There are some knots.  There is a certain realization that we aren’t good at dusting.  But mostly, there is a feeling of reclaiming life…setting things to rights–at least the things that are in our ability to make a change.  The rest, we leave in God’s faithful hands.

I’ll write more as the unfolding happens!


With Joy,