September Currents

My sweet friend, Meredith, does this little monthly post on Currents, and I admit that of all her posts (which are wonderful and you should read them, too!), her Current ones are my favorites.  I guess it goes back to school days, when everybody shared what they liked and didn’t.  I always enjoyed knowing those little details about people.

(Sure helped for buying birthday gifts, too!)

(Confession: Now that I’m off of facebook, I don’t know anyone’s birthdate anymore…guess I need a new system! Ha!)

Current Read: Just finished Water’s Edge by Robert Whitlow, where I learned to Decide Not. Now I’m cruising through my favorite new author, Alan Bradley’s The Dead in their Vaulted Arches.  And if you have not yet discovered Flavia de Luce, GO NOW!  Thanks, dear Heather.  I do love your recs for books!

Current Playlist: Travis Cottrells’ I’m Living Proof.  Heard some of these songs at the conference I took our Kylie to this summer.  I need to blog my notes soon!  Also, I am enjoying our summer Vacay mix.  Did you know I make mix CD’s for every season? Here’s a pic of the mix for you (and the #5 is a dub step song–Noah loves dub step):

Summer Vacay 2014

Current Color(s):  Orangey orange orange orange

Current Food:  Just had my very favorite Spinach Feta wrap from Starbucks. I am always sad when they are out of them!

Current Favorite Favorite: Bubble baths every night–to relax, read and unwind from the long days

Current Addiction: Salt and Pepper Pistachios

Current Wish List: New Carpet in our den…why oh why did the builder choose an off-white color??? And I’d really like to get this vest, too!  (Thanks Melanie for sharing it! Praying for you, as you finish your book!!)

Current Need:  My hair to be cut and colored.  Saving for that right now!
Current Triumph:  Getting back to spin class after vacation

Current Annoyance:  Our suburban is slowly dying…and it barely has the will to live anymore…at least that’s how it is driving.

Current Blessing(s):  My friend Marty met me for coffee yesterday.  I love her so!
Current Outfit:  Orange capris and my favorite sixties throwback shirt.
Current Excitement:  Going to Estes Park for our fall leaf viewing in a couple of weeks! It is my favorite season and my favorite place for this season.  I am so stoked!!
Current Project(s): Our nephew and his lovely wife are having their first baby this month.  So I’m making the little sweetness this…10666136_325100447667779_1560521516_n

Current plans for the day:  Homeschooling Sydney…we are beginning Mr. Popper’s Penguins, picking up our Noah early (as an 11th grader, he gets out early every other day) and figuring out a good and healthy supper from my pinterest cooking board.
I hope you enjoyed my list!  What are yours?  Share your link, if you decide to play along, ok?
Off to homeschool now!  Have a lovely day, friends!

Open Handed

God has been funny lately.  He keeps bringing up a topic with me.  And though I can sometimes be slow to the “catch”, I get it.

Get to the Margin, Holly. Rest. Recover. Breathe.

We are on a journey as a family.  It is a new and exciting journey, which will undoubtedly mark our lives and the lives of countless others.  It is our calling. (I really can’t wait to share it with you!!  But not yet.)

So we answer, YES.

Part of that journey has meant leaving our wonderful local church, of almost nine years.  We haven’t really left.  We are just being sent forth.  And we are participating in this new thing we feel God is doing.  We are basically visiting churches around this area.  And perhaps at some point God will say STOP and get involved in this particular ministry.

It is a training of sorts, I know.   And I will be honest, I LOOK each week for God to meet us and send something (big or small) for us to glean and take forward on this journey.  He has not once let me down.

So in the midst of visiting churches here, I have found it quite funny that the theme of the sermons have been the same–albeit different and wonderful messages.

Here are a few quotes from my notes:

Regarding tithing: When we donate, we designate and evaluate. When we worship, we surrender and trust. Pastor Brady Boyd

Regarding Freedom and Release from Bondage: When we get stuck, and we all feel stuck sometimes, just get to Jesus and let Him do what only He does! What is it that we the church have to offer that no one else does?  Forgiveness.  Only Jesus does that. Let Him set you free. Mark Haug

Regarding our Hearts.: There is an overwhelming amount of heart annihilation going on around us and in us (from Steven Smith’s book Embracing Soul Care) Stu Davis

Regarding Sabbath  The Exodus takes us from being invited guests, which we are, to suppressed slaves. In the context of the Sabbath, God says work diligently for six days and then rest.  To not rest is a TRUST issue. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we rested and then opened our tents and found that God brought provision?  Make space!  This kind of rest every week makes space for God to speak. Stu Davis

Regarding rest:  Our life is like drums.  And good drumming is just well-timed noise.  With drumming alone, without stopping, it is a cacophonous sound.  There is just as much importance in the rest, as the rhythm. Stu Davis

Here is the video Stu shared:

Rhythm and Rest from Woodmen Valley Chapel on Vimeo.

The theme is Sabbath rest and margin!

And it hits me on the pavement, as I try to figure out what to do with all the WHATS going on in my life at this point.  For these WHATS?  They would like to keep me spinning and busy and dysfunctional.  Chaos would like to be my modus operendi.  And to chaos, I say NO. I choose NO.

Then I began to pray about what Bible study to do this fall.  With homeschooling and teaching Sydney to read, I have found that if I begin a weekly schedule of going, she will not benefit.  So I need to pick something I can do on my own from home.

So I prayerfully picked Priscilla Shirer’s new study, Breathe.  It is phenomenal.  It is life.  It is my theme…and really has been since the marginal quote below began to turn me inside out and change what drives my life.  MARGIN.


So I come to Christ open-handed in this season.  I come seeking to know Him more, to live for Him more, to love Him more….and to love, live for and know the world less and less.


Just Make it Stop

Just Make it StopI’m thinking about our family becoming Amish.  No, not really.  As much as I would like to hide and shelter and protect our children, we must be and are equipping them at every turn.

Believe me, in this day and time, there are a LOT of turns!

There is so much at our children’s fingertips today…so much that could bring them harm and so much ability to connect–on levels wonderful and terrible.

I just wonder–how do we parent that?

How do we parent the “suggested” readings on their Kindles, the advertisements on their email (heck, even our email!), the access to contact strangers across the globe on games they play, the difficulties navigating conversations via text and direct messages.

Sometimes I want to just make it stop already!

And yet, God has planted our feet on this soil for this day and time.  And though I feel ill-equipped to face so much that comes their way, I know that the Holy Spirit is there–with me and Chris, with them.  He is leading and guiding.

Our job in this day and age is to teach them to self-monitor–for we cannot be in all the places they are going.  Our job is to pray…and stay in prayer for them.  Our job, and this is the hard one, is to not over-react, when the situations and struggles they face make us want to run and jump under the covers and STAY THERE ’til it passes.

Our job is to stand in their corner, on their side and do battle.

For believe me, there is a battle…and we are not unaware of the devil’s schemes.  He is targeting our kids.  But Christ in us is BIGGER and STRONGER.

Also?  We must teach them about grace and forgiveness.  And shed a bright light on what could become shame in their lives.  Let us come BOLDLY before the throne daily for our kids, y’all.

They need us to be ALL IN.

James 1:5 says it all, if any of you lacks wisdom (that would be me!) he (she) should ask God who gives (HE gives! WISDOM!)  generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Let’s hold him to it.