Getting Things Done

My Chris is a thinker.  So is our whole family.   And with the plethorous thoughts comes a bit of brain-lock now and again.

So this weekend,  we have really been focused on an organizational program called Getting Things Done.  We even have it on audio, to re-listen  and follow various GOOD ways to get un-stuck. I’m on my cell or I would link it for you.  Just Google it and see.

This weekend,  we are in the beginnings of prepping for the next season.  I can almost see our feet crossing this bridge… As a family,  as individuals,  as God’s own beloved,  each one.

Some steps we take this week cannot be revoked or backtracked… We are moving from the comforts of sameness to the uncertainties of a future we do not know,  but must discover.

I could lie awake at night considering the what ifs… I could.  There are ramifications to the steps we are taking.

But above all,  I know it is a path forged by a Loving God,  who is For us.

And I trust Him.

(I will share more,  as I can!  You won’t want to miss this!)



Because I Decided To Be Happy

Earlier this week I talked about Deciding Not to Stay in those spots that keep us stuck.

Today I wanted to share about things we need to Decide TO–one of those is happiness.

We can decide to be happy every single day.  It is in our ability to choose to–and that without condemnation.

So yesterday, I decided to be happy and I re-joined Instagram early. Yay!   You can find me at his_hollysmith there if you’d like.   I will likely set my posts to private soon,  so please go ahead and ask if you see it set to private.

The main draw for joining back was to be more intentional in taking pictures this year.

I don’t have time to scrapbook. And I want a record of it in pics.  I daresay, we will look back on this year one day with WONDER at the work of God.  We are already seeing His fingerprints and His movement in this next journey upon which we are embarking.

Secondly,  I missed you all.   And though I definitely won’t be found on Fb or twitter anymore.  They are just not FOR me–they eat at me in so many ways–and in the process, steal my joy.  I like pinterest and instagram, though.  They both make me happy.  I can both stay in touch and see how you all are–and PRAY!–and I can confine and corral my own thoughts in places that can be stumbling blocks for me.

Here is something else that makes me happy… Painting.

I have so enjoyed this painting I did last spring at Joanne’s birthday party.  It continually gives me a smile.  So today I shared it here.


Finally, something that brings my heart joy and happiness is thinking upon wise passages like this one from George Mueller:

The Lord, to show His continued care over us, raises up new helpers. They that trust in the Lord shall never be confounded! Some who helped for a while may fall asleep in Jesus; others may grow cold in the service of the Lord; others may be as desirous as ever to help, but have no longer the means; others may have both a willing heart to help, and have also the means, but may see it the Lord’s will to lay them out in another way;– and thus, from one cause or another, were we to lean upon man, we should surely be confounded; but, in leaning upon the living God alone, we are BEYOND disappointment, and BEYOND being forsaken because of death, or want of means, or want of love, or because of the claims of other work. How precious to have learned in any measure to stand with God alone in the world, and yet to be happy, and to know that surely no good thing shall be withheld from us whilst we walk uprightly!

If I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith, obtained without asking any individual the means for establishing and carrying on an Orphan-House then this would provide visible proof that God is FAITHFUL STILL and HEARS PRAYER STILL.

To have visible proof in Christ Jesus is to be happy.

So beloved, TRUST Him more.  Give Him full access to your inner thought life and listen, look and pray for His will to be done.  Then WATCH His visible proof happen over and over and over.  Then TELL about the great things He has done.

Let’s start an infection of TRUST among believers, by TRUSTING…and BELIEVING that no good thing shall be withheld when we stand alone with God and find happiness in the One who goes BEYOND BEYOND our wildest imaginings!  This is the day for His Name to be lifted high.  This is the season, where our trust will impact not only this generation, but the ones to come, as well.


Decide Not

Putting it All in Place and PerspectiveThis past summer, I have been reading a lot of new authors.  It is really going out in the deep waters for me, for I have my favorites.  And I tend to stay with them…some of them don’t write often enough to suit me.

So I sit waiting for their new books to come out, waiting with bated breath. Once they do, sometimes I shamefully devour them at the expense of my family, daily commitments and, truth be told, sleep.

I am an avid reader.  I read voraciously for months and then I switch over to knitting or crocheting for a time, then I am back in full swing.

One of the authors I have been reading is Robert Whitlow.  I like his style and even his sense of telling more at times and less at times than necessary.  It reads well, with much to read between the lines and then on the other side, telling detailed descriptions to invite me into the room to see firsthand.

I like his style.

Right now I am reading Whitlow’s Water’s Edge and he just wrote a sentence that has me stirred up and nodding.

So I had to share it here…

As background, one character is asking a question that is basically a set-up for a bitter reply.

 But rather, the other character replies this way, “Yes, but we decided not to stay in that spot for the rest of our lives.”

Ah yes.  Do you see where this is heading?

For the enemy of our souls would love for the feeding of bitterness to reap a harvest.  Yes, he would.

And the lover of our souls, Jesus, wants us to decide not to stay in that spot.

We could rehearse the who’s and what’s and why’s in our lives–the springboards that flung us in the mud, the triggers that shot us down or the needles that burst our bubbles. But there is really nothing to be gleaned from it.

Truly, I tell you–deal with it outright.  Deal with it in your heart.  Deal with it in regards to the ones who brought hurt.  FORGIVE them.

Then decide not to dwell in that spot.

Move on.

Release them…and in the process take your own sweet feet from the trap. And walk forward in grace and truth.

Have you some areas today where you just simply need to Decide Not?  

It is a FOR you kind of decision, beloved.  If there is no resolution or reconciliation to be had on this side of Heaven, then you must, for your own sake, you must decide not to stay in that spot.

Begin to build anew starting today. Sometimes we just need to put it all in place and perspective