Today is…

Holly and Chris

…the anniversary of my Chris’ and my first date–24 years ago!

He was just sharing last night with me again about how the night before our date, he had stopped by a friend’s to pick up his copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes and thought basically, “What kind of girl would care to read such a book?  Is there any girl out there like that anymore?”

Well, there was me…an avid reader!

The next night we had a blind date.

Now we had attended the same high school and heard of one another, but had never met.  He had prayed over my National Honor Society induction.  I had typed his name in the newspaper for various things like his competing in math team and computer science team for UIL and he was a National Merit Scholar, too!

But we had never met before!  And that was likely a very good thing.

You see, my Chris?  Well, he likes to tease.  And I had been (then not now) a pretty good grudge holder.  So I daresay I would never have forgiven him for some sort of light teasing.  God knew that!

So my friend’s mama set us up.  We went on a double date with my friend and her boyfriend to see…wait for it!…


Yep, RoboCop.  At least it was sandwiched with eating at one of my favorite places in Longview, Texas: The Butcher Shop and after the movie, we played putt putt.

It was a glorious beginning.  And so wonderful how God came in and brought to me the one I had long been in search of.  God knows best.  And for that, I am so grateful!

Like that song by Garth Boorks called Unanswered Prayers.  I thank God so very much that He did not heed my begging heart.  But rather, He lifted my chin and reminded me of the child of the King that I am, that I need not beg…and He gave me the best.  And not only that, but THE BEST pursued my heart.

And he has loved it well ever since.

Tonight we celebrate that sweet night…and we plan on dreaming about our future for the next 24 years…and so on!

We plan on seeing Godzilla at the dollar movie and a buy one get one free entree at PF Changs thanks to our Bear card that we just got. YeeHAW!  I can’t wait!


Stepping into the Future

It is enough to walk into the future based on one sentence and three pictures from the Lord, is it not?

It must be.  For now I have spoken what I heard and saw to my family and a few close friends. And it is effecting a change in our family.

We have been given the beginning.  It is for God to work out the middle and the ending.

So we wait.

And we walk, as if what I heard and saw–and what my family believes about it–is so.

That’s what we are doing right now.  We are walking forth in trust and expectation.

And I shall be vague about it from here until I feel free to fully share it here on the blog.  I hope that will not offend or hurt you.

It is merely this…there is a time for everything and the time to share globally is NOT YET.

So we are readying our hearts and minds.  We are steadying our steps.  We are taking action in places that have laid fallow.  And we are trusting that God will show the next step, if indeed what I saw at first was from Him.

I will tell you this: it came out of left field.  And it came after I asked a question of Him.  I believe He answered.

I believe it wasn’t what I wanted, but rather what He is leading.

Perhaps like my friend, who says God doesn’t speak to her like that, you too question me…and maybe even feel doubtful.

Well, that’s OK.  God knows me.  He knows my language and speaks to me specifically in the way that I listen to Him.  I know when His voice, yes, that still small voice, is speaking to me.  And I believe Him.

For now that is enough.  I will share more, as I feel free to do so.  But in the in between time, will you pray for us?  Will you pray specifically that God will make the impossible possible for this next journey?  For there are some HUGE GARGANTUAN things that need to happen for this to come to pass. There is not one thing we can do to bring it about without the Lord’s help.  And in that, I take complete comfort.

For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that HE is able to keep that (and this) which I have committed unto Him against that day.

(Again KJV, you know I love it, especially when I feel like speaking boldly and proclaiming.)

I pray that God’s kingdom will come and that His will be done.

I pray that we will all listen to and heed His voice. For in these days, it really matters how we walk–As wise and not as unwise…even if it costs us much.  That I speak from my own heart and experience.  His will and way is worth it.  Every single time.

I leave you with a picture of where we hiked to last week near Buena Vista Colorado–Lost Lake near Cottonwood Pass.  At nearly 12,000 feet, my pedometer said we walked about 4 miles. My Chris and Noah hiked up higher at a point on the Continental Divide. The walk back was arduous for me, and boy were my “dogs” (feet) barking as I slept in the tent that night!  Whew! Thank God forAdvil!

Lost Lake

God Bless you all!




A Quick Update with Pics

Thank you all so much for praying!  Beth’s surgery not only went smoothly, but she was sent home THE NEXT DAY!  That is AMAZING  God is AMAZING!!  She is currently home recovering, resting and learning how to use her new device that controls the pressure from cerebrospinal fluid.  I hope to connect with her next week and to hear that she is having no more headaches!  Will you pray for just that?

On Friday, we went to the greatest small town parade in the country which happens to be in our own town–no kidding!

Then we enjoyed an impromptu barbeque with our neighbors and friends (who happen to be the same people–ha!).

Finally we went to Memorial Park for the Philharmonic Orchestra and fireworks with our friends.  It was so wonderful!  And cannons fired, which was a bonus!

Saturday night my Chris and I had our date night.  We went to see a really great movie.  It was at the local independent-film running theatre.  They run movies that aren’t found at the other theatres.  And this one, I’d highly recommend.  It was called Belle.  Go see it!  You won’t be sorry.  Even Chris liked it and said it was one to buy.

This week has been full of appliances breaking–our dryer and air conditioner–and other assorted difficulties.  It has been a YET kind of week.

Yet will I praise Him!

Reminds me to count my blessings.  Over and over and over.  Blessings like friendships and kind words and prayers that availeth much.

I will be back with a post I have been writing very soon.  But for now, here are a few pictures for you!  Enjoy!