Summertime is Over

Whew! I probably say this every year, but where did the summer go?  Today I just wanted to send out an update, while I take a quick breather from catching up on work-related items.

Summertime is over for us.

We have just returned late Monday night from our family vacation/reunion in Arkansas and are already in FULL SWING for back to school registrations.

This year we have TWO in high school!  One is in sixth grade and he’s SO excited to begin band (French horn). And our youngest is in second grade–we are homeschooling her this year again, as we continue to battle some visual input issues and dyslexia.  Our hope is to get reading fully and strongly under her belt, so she can re-enter our wonderful school district here.

So right now I am thanking God for the wonderful summer we have enjoyed–looking back.  And I am looking ahead to a new season, filled with a lot of uncertainties and ONE SURE certainty–GOD IS FAITHFULLY AT WORK.

This year I have been reading my Bible in the NET version and over and over and over they use the words, LOYAL LOVE, that God has for us.  I think that is enough for us to rest, yes, even in the uncertainties, don’t you?  I often remind Him that we are His own and we reflect and bear His Name–and I ask Him to guard his NAME over and in us.  He is able to do just that.

So on those facts, plain and simple–He has loyal love towards us and He guards His Name in us. Those are pillars for us to rest upon…and maybe eat some grapes right there, in our reclining state.

Speaking of grapes, I am beginning a new regimen tomorrow called the 21 day fix.  I am so looking forward to it!  Basically I measure out what I eat each day for 21 days and continue my faithful exercise routine.  I am really excited about it.  Ever since the old food pyramid, I have really been off with the amounts of the various kinds of food and quantities that are healthy.  So I am trying to re-train my brain.  My friend Meredith sells the 21 day fix here, if you’d like to check it out.

One goal I have this fall is to blog here more regularly.  I am losing my way in writing, I can feel it.  So if you are willing, I will write more (and most of it will be chaff) and get back in practice.  I have totally stopped writing here, since the season for AMH seems to have ended.  I sure did love that time there!  I love the women I had the privilege of ministering beside. It is bittersweet–for I know that that time was His own and He has used it (still is using it, by the stats of folks still finding gems there) and I know that He is leading us further along.  I daresay, we have many turns and curves and goodbyes to come over the next year.  It is just part of life.

Before I end with some pictures, I wanted to just say how very sorry I was to hear about Robin Williams.  I really am grieving the loss of his life and the pain that his family and friends are enduring must be beyond beyond.  I pray for them.  I am crying right now thinking of it all.  But I wanted to say that I was such a fan of Mork and Mindy at age seven and up that I even owned the GAME!

I have been a fan of his all my life, I guess–loving some movies more than others.  I guess my favorite movie is really one that people rarely mention, but I loved the creativity and thought-provoking message of it (though it was empty in some parts without the hope of Christ). It is What Dreams May Come–such joy as they splashed through the paint-filled landscape! Such sorrow at the forever loss of a loved one…I don’t think I will ever be able to watch it again in light of his death.

But one that I loved to laugh through and will watch with my family is RV.  It is just such a great movie for the family, I think.  And it captures our busy, work-filled culture and life so well. And it points to some good answers about what is truly important in life–family, friendship and being honest about ourselves…even embracing the harder truths.  Just come clean about it, I think.

Well that’s all for today, work beckons and it must be done.

Here are some pics from our last few weeks:

This was one our zoo sent out and I LOVE to see his furry-furriness!!



Here are two of my family at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City…the second picture is my favorite!

0811141131b 0811141131c

Here is one of my favorites–such a precious family to me are the Smiths. They love me as their own daughter. God certainly puts the lonely in family.




  1. rhonda says

    Looking forward to reading more :) I, too, have staggered off the writing road and am hoping to find my way back. You are an encouragement dear one – always have been.


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