Of Scorched Earth and Suicide

IMG_20140501_100447_374There’s something destructive about us.  Something that wants to tear up and bring pain.  Something that wants to perhaps finally get a piece of victorious revenge on this place called earth.  There is something in each of us that is prone to self-destruct…and sometimes bring others in our wake.

I really don’t know exactly why it is…maybe pain or hurt or shame or just plain weariness.  But it is part of us–all of us.

Someone brings us hurt, intentionally or not, and we swing back with cutting words to make them bleed.  We scorch the earth, leaving in our wake–pain and destruction.  Do we really care?  Well yes, we do.  But at the time, we somehow have reached the end of our ability to stop ourselves from bringing someone else pain. We let the chips fall where they may.

Or we feel cornered and without hope, in our ability, we cannot find a place to stand.  So we consider…maybe this life would be better without us…

The key words in both scenarios above are these, “in our ability”.

We need Jesus–in the flesh Jesus–not some “I wish I may, I wish I might” Jesus, but JESUS Himself.

In His ability, I can refrain from speaking words, burning hotly on my tongue…that would sear others and leave them in pain.

In His ability, I can find a new perspective when I feel cornered and without hope…I can tie myself to His saving Presence and find that with His help, I can stand, I can fight, I can be all that He means for me to be.

In His ability, I can find that when I make mistakes, I can get past them. I can walk victoriously on.

In His ability, I can turn the lens of what I see into the clear vision that He sees–it is often quite different.

In His ability, I can let go of all that gives me a false sense of security and I can find TRUE security in all that He is…with Him rightly on His throne, I can see that He ever worketh to bring ALL things under His authority.  And He is on my side!

In His ability, I can turn those who have hurt me over to Him to mercifully and rightly handle them.  In LOVE. In Justice. Evermore.

In His ability, I can walk and even RUN!  I CAN DO THIS!  I CAN DO THIS!  With You, Jesus, YES, I CAN scale this wall.

In His ability, I can live purposefully and victoriously above the fray.  I can live out the very certain and much needed part I play in this world.

So can YOU.

It’s all because of Jesus.  It is all because He IS right here.  It is because He is compassionate and has LOYAL love for us.  It is because, we have a purpose to live at this point of the timeline.


We matter to Him.

We matter to others.


Sometimes, we get confused and lose our way. It only takes a moment to shift back…just a simple prayer.

Lord, I am weak, You be strong. Lord, I am hurt, You Defend. Lord, I ache in the innermost part of my being. Will You mend me once again? Lord, I rest now in trust and believe that I have laid this fully and firmly at your feet.  Restore right thinking to me.  Grant that I may only speak words of GRACE to others.  Grant that I may take all of this pain and give it over to You.  You are enough, Lord Jesus.  You are enough.

Then LOVE it out.

You thought I meant LIVE?

No I said LOVE.  I meant LOVE.

Love it out, EVEN and ESPECIALLY, when you hurt.

You won’t ever be sorry for LIVING a LIFE of LOVE.

Let’s be known for that, huh?  Not for scorched earth…not for giving up on hope.  Let’s embrace the love of God, even when we don’t feel like it.  Pray to begin feeling like it.  Yes, even towards your enemies. Especially towards them…

They will know we are His by how we love.  Love it out.





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