Today is…

Holly and Chris

…the anniversary of my Chris’ and my first date–24 years ago!

He was just sharing last night with me again about how the night before our date, he had stopped by a friend’s to pick up his copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes and thought basically, “What kind of girl would care to read such a book?  Is there any girl out there like that anymore?”

Well, there was me…an avid reader!

The next night we had a blind date.

Now we had attended the same high school and heard of one another, but had never met.  He had prayed over my National Honor Society induction.  I had typed his name in the newspaper for various things like his competing in math team and computer science team for UIL and he was a National Merit Scholar, too!

But we had never met before!  And that was likely a very good thing.

You see, my Chris?  Well, he likes to tease.  And I had been (then not now) a pretty good grudge holder.  So I daresay I would never have forgiven him for some sort of light teasing.  God knew that!

So my friend’s mama set us up.  We went on a double date with my friend and her boyfriend to see…wait for it!…


Yep, RoboCop.  At least it was sandwiched with eating at one of my favorite places in Longview, Texas: The Butcher Shop and after the movie, we played putt putt.

It was a glorious beginning.  And so wonderful how God came in and brought to me the one I had long been in search of.  God knows best.  And for that, I am so grateful!

Like that song by Garth Boorks called Unanswered Prayers.  I thank God so very much that He did not heed my begging heart.  But rather, He lifted my chin and reminded me of the child of the King that I am, that I need not beg…and He gave me the best.  And not only that, but THE BEST pursued my heart.

And he has loved it well ever since.

Tonight we celebrate that sweet night…and we plan on dreaming about our future for the next 24 years…and so on!

We plan on seeing Godzilla at the dollar movie and a buy one get one free entree at PF Changs thanks to our Bear card that we just got. YeeHAW!  I can’t wait!



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