Some say that looking back can be a stumbling block to moving ahead, and I agree; however, sometimes what is gleaned from looking back gives you the tools and insight you need to forge ahead. Don’t discount the benefit then.  Make the most of every tool this life hands to you.

I fear we are often the ones, who look in the mirror and then moments later forget what we looked like.  We can be a chameleon society at times, rewriting our own histories and becoming something more palatable to those around us. To truly make progress then, we must remember who we are and why we respond the way we do.  Then perhaps, we may begin to make new responses and grow in our faith journeys. So take a hard look and get back to remembering.

Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording and cringed? Or better yet, have you ever read words you wrote long ago and got embarrassed?  It can be hard to listen or read, but it is a snippet of you.  This begs the question: are you comfortable being you?

It is not a certain age that defines the growth that can happen.  No.  It is that piece of finding that it is okay to be you–messed up and sinful, foolish and headlong, moody and muddy you.  Once you get comfortable in your own skin, then you can come clean with the Lord about it–“Lord, You know I am dust. And yet, here I am again asking…”

You can be true in your relationships then.  Not trying to be different people in different scenarios–that is really too hard to keep up appearances anyway.  And if they don’t receive you as you, then why in the world would you want to build there?  That to me is falling backwards, striving to be accepted and setting unreachable goals.  For what? To feel like we are now worthy?

I don’t know…maybe it is just me.

When I hand out myself to others and let them say or decide who I am–Am I good enough?  Do I have what it takes?–then I am selling myself short.  A better way is to hand all of that to God.  What does HE say about me?  Who does HE say that I am?  Well then, we find satisfaction and joy in being His own.

Hard though it may be, there is a stabilizing factor to owning up to who you are and who you can be.  It is humbling for sure! But also, it allows you to learn and grow and be pliable in God’s hands.

So take time today to remember that face in the mirror.  Look back and take from the past the tools that will help you grow and thrive in the future.  Take stock of where you are today–being completely honest.  Ask the LORD to show you who He sees and who you are to Him.  Ask Him to fill your heart and mind and spirit with His own purposes.  Then walk in it. Confidently!  With Him, you can scale this wall–even if the wall is your very own self.

Jumping Up and Down, as You Run This Race Today,


A couple of notes…

1) This week I’m getting out old “In the Margin Notes” from my journal and Bible study chest at the end of our bed.  I am anticipating making that a weekly column this year!

2) I have written a couple of other posts around the web.  You can find them here ( ) and here ( ).

3) It has been three months not participating in social media and it has been GLORIOUS!  I think you ought to try it for a month this year.  See if you can!



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    Love this Holly — we (hubs & I) do a year end review every year on the week between Christmas and New Years. This year it is this week (we’re a wee bit late, but it’s happening), and we’ve been enjoying the look back as well as eagerly anticipating the look ahead. Either way, it is who we are right now, in Christ, that is more important than anything else…and finally, I can say, even though I need to improve in many areas, that I am truly thankful to be the me I am today. Great post and great thoughts to ponder my friend! Big hugs, Melissa

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